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Mandaworks designed the ‘MASTERPLAN FOR VAASAN RAVIRADAN, VAASA (FI)’ in Vaasa, Finland. http://bit.ly/1r2yqAb

naoya matsumoto design designed the ‘kappounomise egawa’ in Japan. http://bit.ly/1wZC0jr

ShuShe ARCHITECTURE designed the ‘Yamen Yacht Club’ in Guangzhou, China. http://bit.ly/1pbWV90

OSO Architecture designed the ‘Lego Turkey’ in Istanbul, Turkey. http://bit.ly/1pOYWx3

Tom Wiscombe Architecture designed the ‘National Center for Contemporary Arts’ in Moscow, Russia. http://bit.ly/1rBLVcz

Tiko Interiors Limited designed the ‘Betu Fashion’ in Shenzhen, China. http://bit.ly/1p9MgLT

Bahadır Kul Architects designed the ‘Kayseri Ice Ring’ in Turkey. http://bit.ly/1APJ1Su

i29 designed the ‘OFFICE 05′ in Netherlands. http://bit.ly/VLliTO

Marc BARANI and Christophe PRESLE designed the ‘Centre de Congrès’ in Austria. http://bit.ly/VK6c0w

Arjen Reas designed the ‘Living on the edge’ in Netherlands. http://bit.ly/1lkGI6r