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Scenic Architecture Office designed the ‘Zhujiajiao Museum of Humanities & Arts’ in Shanghai, China. http://bit.ly/1qGOedS

Aulík Fišer Architekti designed the ‘COMMUNITY CENTRE’ in Czech Republic. http://bit.ly/UwxJST

METROPOLIS designed the ‘METROPOLIS’ in Lima, Peru. http://bit.ly/1yNTugg

Stefano Tordiglione Design Ltd designed the ‘La Koradior’ in Wuxi, China. http://bit.ly/1kKdwjv

PORT designed the ‘Little Explorers Kindergarten’ in Poland. http://bit.ly/1nDF5uJ

J. J. Pan & Partners, Architects & Planners(JJPan) designed the ‘Hunya Chocolate Museum (Republic of Chocolate)’ in Taoyuan, Taiwan. http://bit.ly/1oQaivU

studio PHENOMENON designed the ‘En yu-An’ in Tokyo, Japan. http://bit.ly/1wytfrd

MA2 designed the ‘West Kowloon Art Pavilion’ in Hong Kong. http://bit.ly/1oLmgXG

CRYSTALZOO designed the ‘Medical Speciality Centre’ in Spain. http://bit.ly/1rffjnR

espegel-fisac arquitectos designed the ’114 VPT in Fuenlabrada’ in Madrid, Spain. http://bit.ly/1mQ4jtQ